Tour de Suisse 2023: The Route

Tour de Suisse 202sThe Tour de Suisse sets off on Sunday 11 June to finish on Sunday the 18th. Three mountainous and three hilly stages will be rounded out by two time trials.

Stage 1 is an ITT around the Sihlsee, an artificial lake. The route is 12.7 kilometres long. And flat

The Tour de Suisse is far from a sprinters friendly race, but stage 2 could come down to a fast finishers showdown. The route is undulating, the finale flat.

The first uphill finish happens in stage 3. The last 40 kilometres takes in the Col des Mosses – 13.7 kilometres at 4% – before the finale is a 11.1 kilometres long climb at 7.6% to Villars-sur-Ollon.

Stage 4 also finishes uphill. The run-in is flat before the climbing commences with 70 kilometres to go. The finish climb is a mishmash of ascents and descents. It starts out with 7.8 kilometres at 8.6% before short downhills and uphills alternate all the way to the line Leukerbad. The last 1.2 kilometres go up at 5.2%.

The Queen Stage adds an elevation gain of over 4,700 metres to the mix, but it’s not a mountain top finish. In fact, the finale is a 9.5 kilometres descent from the Abula Pass, which is a 17.4 kilometres long climb with an average gradient of 6.8%.

At 215.8 kilometres, stage 6 is the longest of the Tour de Suisse. One could argue that it’s three races for one. The first part is montainous, the middle section is predominantly flat, while the last 55 kilometres are hilly. The finish is sitated on a 2.5 kilometres climb at 6.7%

The 7th stage is a lumpy race with a flat finale before the Tour de Suisse concludes with a second ITT. Stage 8 is a 25.7 kilometres long race against the clock on an undulating course with two short climbs.

Tour de Suisse 2023: route, profiles, more

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