Tour de Suisse 2023 Route stage 6: La Punt - Oberwil-Lieli

Tour de Suisse 2023Friday 16 June - The longest stage of the Tour de Suisse adds up to 215.8 kilometres. The route takes in an elevation gain, most of it in the first 55 kilometres. The finale is hilly and the finish is situated on a 2.5 kilometres climb at 6.7%.

The riders climb the Albula Pass from the start. The ascent from La Punt is 8.9 kilometres long and the average gradient sits at 6.8%.

A descent of over 30 kilometres takes the pilots to the second climb of the day. This is a 7.5 kilometres climb at 7.5%. After the KOM sprint in Lenz the route continues to climb at shallow gradients for approximately 6 kilometres.

The riders descends to Chur before entering the second part of the race. This section is 85 kilometres long and mostly flat. The Kerenzerberg is the only hurdle – 5.9 kilometres at 4.5% and with the summit 90 kilometres before the finish.

One could argue that the third part of the route a hilly race is. The first obstacle appears with 55 kilometres to go – it’s a 2.5 kilometres climb at 9.8%. The route continues to go up either up or down, while the finale opens with 15 kilometres left on a 700 metres ramp at 8.8%.

A downhill leads to the base of the climb to Islisberg – 1.4 kilometres at 8.4% – before another downhill ushers in the finish climb. The last 2.5 kilometres rise at 6.7% to the line.

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Tour de Suisse 2023 stage 6: route, profile, more

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