Tour de Suisse 2023 Route stage 7: Tübach - Weinfelden

Tour de Suisse 2023Saturday 17 June - Most climbing is done and dusted in Suisse. The 7th stage is played on lumpy terrain. The route between Tübach and Weinfelden is 162.7 kilometres long and includes an elevation gain of 2,200 metres.

After a false flat opener, a descent and a rolling section the first KOM appears at kilometre 50. The riders move through Oberegg after 8.9 kilometres of climbing at 5.3%.

The second climb begins just after Eichberg with 3.3 kilometres at 9.2%. The Eggerstanden then levels off quite a bit. The entire climb is 6.2 kilometres long and averages 5.7%.

The route continues on undulating terrain and with approximately 50 kilometres to go the last KOM – Glattberg: 2.4 kilometres at 5.4% – has bene done and dusted as well. The route goes mostly downhill for the rest of the race, which does not mean that it is a downhill from the Glattberg to the line.

A prolonged false flat section leads towards Wil. There are still 20 kilometres remaining when the Tour de Suisse moves through Stefan Küng’s birthplace.

Roughly 3 kilometer after Wil the route goes downhill to the Thur River before the 5 kilometres run-in to the line is flat.

Ride the route yourself? Download GPX stage 7 2023 Tour de Suisse.

Tour de Suisse 2023 stage 7: route, profile, more

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