Vuelta 2016 Favourites stage 16: Reward for patient sprinters

Daniele Bennati vuelta favouriteStage 16 in the Vuelta a España is something of a present for the fast men who are still on board. Of course they have to climb (after all, we are in Spain), but at the the end of the road a fast and flat arrival at the shores of the Mediterranean offers them a perfect chance to shine. (Slideshow route/profile)

Ultimately, stage 16 in the Vuelta a España goes downhill. After leaving from an elevation of around 300 metres the race is to be concluded at sea level. It is true that the first 90 kilometres lead over rolling roads to a highest peak at 1,000 metres, yet after cresting a long descent takes the riders to the shores of the Mediterranean, while the last 20 kilometres are flat.

Beyond a doubt a bunch of brave attackers will go for glory, but if the teams of the fast men are determined they should be able to keep them on a leash and reel them in on time.

Favourites 16th stage Vuelta a España

*** Gianni Meersman, Nikias Arndt, Tosh Van der Sande
** Kristian Barragli, Daniele Bennati, Jonas Van Genechten
* Fabio Felline, Tyler Farrar, Michael Schwarzmann

Vuelta a España 2016 Stage 16: Route maps, height profiles, etc

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