Tour de France 2024: Route and stages

Florence is in the running to host the Grand Départ of the 2024 Tour de France, while the race possibly will not see a finish on the Champs-Élysées for the first time in half a century. Instead, Nice is on the cards, as the Olympic Games are held in Paris in that same period. The 111th Tour de France sets off on Saturday 29 June to finish on Sunday 21 July.

To focus on the Italian Grand Départ, stage 1 is supposed to kick off in Florence to pass through the Piazza del Comune in Faenza and finish along the Romagna Riviera in Rimini. Reportedly, stage 2 starts in Cesenatico and serves a hilly finale before finishing in Bologna, while stage 3 is said to traverse the Apennines in a race from Modena to Piacenza. The yellow caravan sets off from Pinerolo on the fourth day to cross into French territory.

Or… the Netherlands
In earlier reports, Rotterdam and The Hague were said to be in the running to co-host the Grand Départ of the 2024 Tour de France. If is pans out the way the two Dutch cities envision, Rotterdam hosts an opening prologue before stage 1 will be an out-and-back stage around The Hague.

If Rotterdam and The Hague are picked, it would be the sixth Grand Départ in the Netherlands in the history of the Tour de France. Amsterdam (1954), Scheveningen (1973), Leiden (1978), Den Bosch (1996), Rotterdam (2010) and Utrecht (2015) hosted the start of the biggest cycling event in the world before. In other words, another Grand Départ in 2024 would be the third time in fifteen years.

If the Big Start in 2024 would not work out, 2025 is also an option for the two Dutch cities.

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