Giro 2014: Steep ‘Muro’ in finale stage 17

Giro 2014 stage 17 MuroStage 17 takes the riders from Sarnonico to Vittorio Veneto. Theoretically the route is flat, but it gives some hurdles that makes for compelling racing. Especially the Muro in the finale. (Slideshow route/profile)

The start is at an altitude of 954 meters and immediately the riders are treated with a 27 kilometre descent. After this the road goes up and down in a friendly way and at kilomtre 105 it’s time for three more serious hills.

Fastro-Scale di Primolano is en short climb. In 2.9 kilometres the riders gain 118 meter. Nothing to be afraid of, especially not given the fact riders have seen real Mountains the lst few days. Upon cresting it´s still a little under 100 kilometres tot the finish line.

50 kilometres down the road the sweetly named Santo Stefano is waiting. The top is only at 319 meters and the riders are taken there in 4 kilometres and 223 altimeters. So sweet Stefano is a bit longer and steeper that the prior one. A good warming up for the Muro that´s waiting at 25 kilometres from here.

The Muro di ca’del Poggio is a short and vicious climb with 1.15 kilomtres, an average grade of 12.2% and a steepest part of 18%. Nice spot for a guy like Joquim Rodríguez to test his opponents. The Muro is crested with 19 kilometres left. That should be enough for GC-favourites to repair a gap, if there is one, but you can wonder if this story works the same for sprinters.

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