Tour of the Alps 2018 Route stage 4: Chiusa/Klausen - Lienz (aut)

Tour of the Alps 2018 Route 4th stageThursday, 19 April 2018 - At 134.3 kilometres, the 4th stage of the Tour of the Alps is not only the shortest, it's also the race with the least vertical metres - namely 2,300. The riders travel from Chusia, Italy, to Lienz, Austria.

The race starts in the Valle d’Isarco and heads north for some 30 kilometres. The riders hit the first KOM climb, which is 8.9 kilometres at 5.7% and leads to Terento. By now they travel in easterly direction and they will keep on doing so for the rest of the day.

Following the descent the route continues along the River Rienza, which basically is an ongoing false flat for almost 30 kilometres. Via the mirror image of that false flat the riders descend into Austria to tackle a the Anras climb – 4.8 kilometres and averaging 5.0% – at kilometre 101. The ascent peaks at 10%.

Following the descent and a short stint through the valley, a left turn brings the riders on the last ascent of the day. The Bannberg is 7.6 kilometres at 5.6%, while the summit is crested with almost 10 kilometres remaining. Firstly, 5.6 kilometres on steep descent before the final 4.2 kilometres are played out on the flat.

Tour of the Alps 2018 stage 4: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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