Giro Rosa 2020 Route stage 6: Torre del Greco - Nola

Giro Rosa 2020 stage 6Wednesday 16 September - Stage 6 of the Giro Rosa is a race from Torre del Greco to Nola. The route is 97.5 kilometres long and includes two climbs plus a lot of false flat.

Starting place Torre del Greco lies at the base of the Vesuvius and the coast of the Gulf of Napels. The first part of the race is as flat as can be. After approximately 25 kilometres the riders enter the climb to Sarno. It is 6 kilometres long and rises at a little over 4%.

The next climb is shorter and easier. It leads into Forino, a village that the Giro Rosa passes at kilometre 53. Subsequently the race continues onto flat terrain that evolves into a false flat of some 10 kilometres. With 20 kilometres remaining the riders reach the highest point of the day before a long downhill leads onto a flat finale

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Giro Rosa 2020 stage 6: route & profile

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