Giro Rosa 2018 Route stage 8: San Giorgio di Perlena - Breganze

Giro Rosa 2018 stage 8Friday, 13 July 2018 - The proper start of the Giro Rosa's 8th stage is in Breganze and after 121.6 kilometres of racing the finish is in the samen place. The route takes in several loops, while the riders are to crest three intermediate climbs. They reach the last peak with 8.7 kilometres remaining.

The riders set off in San Giorgio di Perlena, but the real start is given in Breganze. The route continues to the east and then turns before hitting the first loop of 14.9 kilometres, which is raced twice. This means that a 2.9 kilometres hill with an average gradient is to be climbed two times.

The pink caravan moves through Breganze once more before entering the next round to the west of the town. This one is approximately 46 kilometres and the route is flat to rolling, although the last kilometres go downhill.

Following a third passage in Breganze the stage ends with a 11.6 kilometres lap. Shortly after leaving town the riders tackle a 2.9 kilometres climb at 5.9%. From the crest to the finish line is 8.7 kilometres, mostly on descent.

The first three riders on the line win time bonuses of 10, 6 and 4 seconds, while two intermediate sprints (at kilometre 12.7 and at kilometre 105.6) comes with 3, 2 and 1 seconds each.

The 2018 Giro Rosa’s 8th stage begins at 12:15 and the finish is expected 15:25 – both are local times.

Giro Rosa 2018 stage 8: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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