Giro Rosa 2018 Route stage 9: Tricesimo – Monte Zoncolan

Saturday, 14 July 2018 - The Giro Rosa's Queen Stage is set to go off with a bang, as the race finishes at the summit of Monte Zoncolan. The 104.7 kilometres route begins in Tricesimo and the finish lies at the end of the monster climb of 10.1 kilometres at 11.9%.

The Giro Rosa was at the Zoncolan before, but compared to what the riders have to endure today that was really nothing. For starters, in 1997 the Giro Rosa didn’t climb all the way top. Furthermore, the Zoncolan was tackled from Sutrio, which is the easy side of the mountain. Fabiana Luperini won that stage to cement her overall lead and eventually win the 1997 Giro Rosa. Holding four overall wins, the Italian is the Giro Rosa’s record holder until this day.

The stage starts near the Slovenian border, in Tricesimo. The riders go north with the prospect of a finale that’s pure torture. The first 2.1 kilometres of the Zoncolan are averaging more than 9%, and the bad news is: this is the easy part. In the next 4 kilometres the road goes up at 15.4% – and yes, that’s the average gradient! For about 2 kilometres the climb continues at 13.9% before it’s time for a breather. That is, the following 2 kilometres will feel like that as the gradient drops to 8%.

Monte Zoncolan is a monster. The 10.1 kilometres climb is averaging 11.9%, while the steepest ramp at 22% looms after approximately 4 kilometres of climbing.

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