Tour Colombia 2020 Route stage 1: Tunja – Tunja

Tour Colombia 2020 stage 1Tuesday 11 February - The Tour Colombia kicks into gear with an individual time trial of 16.7 kilometres. It is an out-and-back race in Nairo Quintana's domicile, Tunja.

The race is played out at an altitude of between 2,700 metres and 2,800 metres. The effective oxygen percentage at this elevation is approximately 14.8%, whereas it is 20.9% at sea level. So riders who are born in Tunja or a similar place enjoy an advantage over most other riders as they are used to air with 6% less oxygen available.

For European riders, entering the Tour Colombia equals going to an altitude training camp. Most races take place at around 2,700 metres of elevation, which is the highest you’re likely to climb during altitude camps within Europe.

The course of the ITT is predominantly flat, although a lumpy section begins after 5.5 kilometres, where the route climbs at moderate gradients for approximately 2.5 kilometres. Following almost 2 kilometres on the flat the riders descend to the pan-flat last 5 kilometres.

The first rider leaves the start ramp at 11.30 and the last rider sets off at 13.30 – both are local times.

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