Tour Colombia 2020: Martínez wins Queen Stage, Higuita seals GC victory

EF Pro Cycling shows their potential in the Tour Colombia. Daniel Martínez wins the Queen Stage ahead of Sergio Higuita, who seals the GC victory. Their teammate Jonathan Caicedo rounds out the podium. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 6th stage Tour Colombia 2020

1. Daniel Felipe Martínez (col)
2. Sergio Higuita (col) s.t.
3. Egan Bernal (col) + 0.03
4. Miguel Eduardo Flórez (col) + 0.09
5. Jonathan Caicedo (ecu) + 0.14
6. Robinson Chalapud (col) + 0.52
7. Hernán Aguirre (col) + 1.08
8. Diego Andres Camargo (col) + 1.16
9. Fredy Montaña (col) s.t.
10. Torstein Træen (nor) + 1.29

GC after stage 6
1. Sergio Higuita (col)
2. Daniel Felipe Martínez (col) + 0.08
3. Jonathan Caicedo (ecu) + 0.34
4. Egan Bernal (col) + 0.55
5. Miguel Eduardo Flórez (col) + 2.01
6. Fredy Montaña (col) + 2.36
7. Esteban Chaves (col) + 3.09
8. Hernán Aguirre (col) + 3.15
9. Torstein Træen (nor) + 3.19
10. Sergio Henao (col) + 3.22

Race report
Álvaro Hodeg, Matteo Jorgenson, Etienne Van Empel, Umberto Marengo, Lars Saugstad, Colin Joyce, Félix Barón, Maris Bogdanuvics, Fabio Duarte, Edison Muñoz, Johan Colón and Bayron Guamá open up a gap of 4 minutes.

The peloton brings the breakaway back with 32 kilometres remaining before Robinson Chalapud strikes on Los Patios and Wálter Pedraza joins him. Yet, they are brought back before the foot of the finish climb.

Team Ineos sets the pace on the finish climb. Still, Chalapud goes again with 5 kilometres to go. Flórez and Montaña rejoin him, although the last one is unable to follow.

Carapaz sets a brisk pace until Bernal takes over inside the last 3 kilometres. All GC favourites, including leader Higuita, are glued to the Tour France champion’s wheel and they bring back the attackers.

Egan, Higuita, Caicedo, Martínez and Flórez enter the last kilometre together before Martínez accelerates in the last few hundred metres. Higuita is the only one who joins him and they cross the line in that order.

On GC it is the other way round with Higuita first, Martínez second, while their teammate Caicedo completes the podium. Bernal finishes in fourth place, just like last year.

Another interesting read: route 6th stage 2020 Tour Colombia.

Tour Colombia 2020 stage 6: route, profile, more

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Daniel Felipe Martínez

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