Giro Donne 2022 Route stage 4: Cesena - Cesena

Giro Donne 2022 stage 4Monday 4 July - The Giro Donne is back on Italy's main land. Stage 4 is made up of a 120.9 kilometres long loop around Cesena. The race takes in four climbs before a 10 kilometres descent to the line.

Following a flat opener of 35 kilometres the first climb leads to Bertinoro. It’s 4 kilometres long and averages 4.6%. The last 500 metres is the hardest part with gradients at 8 to 9%.

After the descent the route continues on the flat to Mercato Saraceno. The village lies at the foor of the Colle del Barbotto. Which means a 4.5 kilometres toil at 8.2%. Again, the last part is the hardest with gradients exceeding 10%. The route continues to climb false flat for a bit before plungin down to the valley.

Another false flat precedes the third climb of the day. It’s only 2 kilometres long, but the first part is excessively steep with several double digit sectors. The second half levels off to 7 or 8% before the last bit is mereley a false flat.

That was the last classified climb, yet the route holds a surprise up its sleeve. It’s 3.5 kilometres long and averages 5.5%, but that’s a biased statistic. Sections at 2% play leapfrog with 14% ramps.

Almost 10 kilometres remaining at the summit. The first 8 kilometres go downhill, the last 2 are flat.

The first three riders on the line gain time bonuses of 10, 6 and 4 seconds.

Another interesting read: results 4th stage 2022 Giro Donne.

Giro Donne 2022 stage 4 route, profile & interactive

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