Tour Down Under 2024: Welsford completes hattrick, Del Toro still leader

Sam Welsford - Tour Down Under 2024: Welsford completes hattrickfoto: Cor VosSam Welsford celebrates his 28th birthday with his third stage win in four days. He storms to his third stage win in four days on the slighlty uphill finish in Port Eliott, while Isaac Del Toro keeps the ochre leader's jersey.. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 4th stage 2024 Tour Down Under

1. Sam Welsford (aus)
2. Biniam Girmay (eri) s.t.
3. Lars Boven (nld) s.t.
4. Milan Fretin (bel) s.t.
5. Laurence Pithie (nzl) s.t.
6. Gonzalo Serrano (spa) s.t.
7. Max Kanter (ger) s.t.
8. Antoine Huby (fra) s.t.
9. Phil Bauhaus (ger) s.t.
10. Simon Clarke (aus) s.t.

GC after stage 3
1. Isaac Del Toro
2. Biniam Girmay (eri) + 0.01
3. Corbin Strong (nzl) + 0.02
4. Axel Mariault (fra) + 0.05
5. Lars Boven (nld) + 0.07
6. Stephen Williams (gbr) s.t.
7. Stephan De Bod (rsa) s.t.
8. Georg Zimmermann (ger) + 0.08
9. Finn Fisher-Black (nzl) s.t.
10. Louis Barré (fra) + 0.09

Race report
Pieter Serry initiates the breakaway. Jackson Medway and Vinicius Rangel rejoin the Belgian rider, who pulls over at the side of the road. The other two race to a maximum lead of over 4 minutes.

The attackers are reeled in with 13 kilometres to go and then it’s up to the fast men. Sam Welsford powers to his third win in four days to celebrate his 28th birthday.

Isaac Del Tor Isaac del Toro carries a slender Lead of 1 second into the decisive weekend

Tour Down Under 2024 stage 4: route, profile, more

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Sam Welsford

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