Tour de Suisse 2024: Træen wins at Gotthard Pass, Yates new leader

Torsten Traeen - Tour de Suisse 2024: Live report stage 4foto: Cor VosBreakaway rider Torstein Træen goes solo in the last 10 kilometres of the massive Gotthard Pass. Adam Yates attacks from the GC group, but he falls short, and the Norwegian takes the stage. Yates is the new leader in the GC. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 4th stage 2024 Tour de Suisse

1. Torstein Træen (nor)
2. Adam Yates (gbr) + 0.23
3. Mattias Skjelmose (den) + 0.48
4. João Almeida (por) s.t.
5. Egan Bernal (col) + 1.00
6. Oscar Onley (gbr) + 1.27
7. Enric Mas (spa) s.t.
8. Felix Gall (aut) s.t.
8. Cian Uijtdebroeks (bel) s.t.
10. Matthew Riccitello (usa) s.t.

12. Wilco Kelderman (nld) + 1.36
17. Lenny Martinez (fra) + 1.54
18. Einer Rubio (col) s.t.
19. Tom Pidcock (gbr) s.t.
22. Richard Carapaz (ecu) + 2.08
39. Alberto Bettiol (ita) + 3.17

GC after stage 4
1. Adam Yates (gbr)
2. João Almeida (por) + 0.26
3. Mattias Skjelmose (den) s.t.
4. Egan Bernal (col) + 0.49
5. Wilco Kelderman (nld) + 1.15
6. Oscar Onley (gbr) + 1.17
7. Enric Mas (spa) s.t.
8. Cian Uijtdebroeks (bel) + 1.21
9. Matthew Riccitello (usa) + 1.25
10. Felix Gall (aut) + 1.42

Race report
Attacks fly for 20 kilometres before the right move is made by Torstein Træen, Silvan Dillier, Bryan Coquard, Lilian Calmejane, Gerben Kuypers, Michael Matthews, Roland Thalmann, and Jan Sommer. The eight carve out a maximum lead of 7 minutes.

The gap has fallen to 5 minutes when Træen, Thalmann, and Dillier head out together within the last 20 kilometres. The latter loses contact several kilometres later before Træen drops Thalmann just before the final haul up of 10 kilometres.

Halfway up the finishing climb, Isaac del Toro hits the deck. He takes down the number three in GC, Wilco Kelderman, who is then forced to chase.

Meanwhile, Kelderman’s GC rivals are speeding up. Adam Yates attacks from the GC group in the last 4 kilometres. He closes in on the lone attacker. Behind him, Mattias Skjelmose, Egan Bernal, and João Almeida open the chase as well.

Yates falls 23 seconds short for the stage win, which goes to the soloist. This way, Træen takes the biggest win in his career.

By finishing in second, Yates moves into the overall race lead, 26 seconds ahead of his team mate João Almeida and the defending champion Mattias Skjelmose.

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Tour de Suisse 2024 stage 4: live tracker, route, profile

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Torstein Træen

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