BinckBank Tour 2018 Route stage 2: Venray (nld) – Venray (nld)

BinckBank Tour 2018 stage 2Tuesday, 14 August 2018 - Stage 2 on the BinckBank Tour is a flat out-and-back ITT in Venray, the Netherlands. The 12.7 kilometres route is fairly straightforward. No remarkable bends, which makes the race perfect for specialists who can push a big gear.

Following 1.3 kilometres through town the riders arrive on the wide Noordsingel before the race continues in a similar vein on the Beekweg. This fast and straight section is 2.7 kilometres long. A left-hander ushers in a slightly more winding section, yet the course is still perfect to produce high speeds. Another left bend leads onto the the N270 for another fast section. Back in Venray the roads once again become wider before the finish is on the Raadhuisstraat in the city centre.

Wout Poels is a local hero. He was born in Venray and raised in nearby Blitterswijck, although he lives in Monaco these day.

Last edition, Stefan Küng won the BinckBank Tour’s ITT. The Swiss specialist bested Maciej Bodnar and Tom Dumoulin on a 9 kilometres route.

The first rider leaves the ramp at 13:35, the arrival of the last one is expected around 16:44 – both local times.

BinckBank Tour 2018 stage 2: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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