Vuelta Femenina 2024: Muzic wins at La Laguna Negra climb, Vollering cements GC lead

Evita Muzic - Vuelta Femenina 2024: Muzic wins at La Laguna Negra climb, Vollering cements GC leadfoto: Cor VosDemi Vollering sets the pace for the majority of the finishing climb to La Laguna Negra, until only Évita Muzic remains in her wheel insidethe last 600 metres. The French rider kicks away with 50 metres to go to take the win. Vollering finishes in second to gain time on her rivals for GC. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 6th stage 2024 Vuelta Femenina

1. Évita Muzic (fra)
2. Demi Vollering (nld) + 0.02
3. Yara Kastelijn (nld) + 0.15
4. Riejanne Markus (nld) + 0.17
5. Elisa Longo Borghini (ita) + 0.21
6. Ricarda Bauernfeind (ger) s.t.
7. Juliette Labous (fra) s.t.
8. Paulina Rooijacker (nld) + 0.33
9. Niamh Fishr-Black (nzl) + 0.38
10. Kim Cadzow (nzl) + 0.40

GC after stage 6
1. Demi Vollering (nld)
2. Elisa Longo Borghini (ita) + 0.56
3. Riejanne Markus (nld) + 1.14
4. Juliette Labous (fra) + 1.38
5. Niamh Fisher-Black (nzl) + 2.16
6. Évita Muzic (fra) + 2.42
7. Marlen Reusser (swi) + 2.52
6. Ricarda Bauernfeind (ger) + 3.17
3. Yara Kastelijn (nld) + 3.25
10. Kristen Faulkner (usa) + 3.29

Race results
Petra Stiasny jumps off the front after 10 kilometers, and 13 riders go with her. They are quickly brought back, but this doesn’t demotivate the riders. Attacks keep flying, but to no avail until Lily Williams and Anneke Dijkstra give it a go. Jelena Eric and Mireia Benito set off in pursuit, as do Liane Lippert and Olivia Baril. The six come together, and when Mischa Bredewold, Brodie Chapman, Maud Oudeman, Amber Kraak, Giorgia and Magdeleine Vallières also make the junction, the peloton shuts the attack down.

Eva van Agt gives it a dig on her own after 34 kilometres, and she opens up a 30 seconds gap. When she is caught as well, Laura Molenaar and Claudia San Justo jump off the front, while Fauve Bastiaenssen tracks the two down. The margins are so slim that Aurela Nerlo also makes it across. The four widen their lead to 3.30 minutes.

Just before the intermediate sprint in Vinuesa, Bastiaenssen is the last attacker to be reeled in. Moments later, Marianne Vos cements her lead in the green jersey competion by winning the sprint.

The peloton tackles the finishing climb bunched. Gradually, the group is decimated until leader Demi Vollering starts setting the pace inside the last 4 kilometres.

Paulina Rooijakkers attacks some 2 kilometres from the top. Demi Vollering stays calm and shuts down the gap with 1.5 kilometres left. There are nine riders left in her wheel at that point.

The red jersey also neutralises an attack by Yara Kastelijn. She keeps setting the pace until Évita Muzic is the only rider left in her wheel. The French rider stays there before kicking away in the last 50 metres. Stage win for Muzic, time gain for the Dutch champion. Elisa Longo Borghini still sits in second, almost 1 minute down on the red jersey.

Another interesting read: route 6th stage 2024 Vuelta Femenina.

La Vuelta Femenina 2024 stage 6: route & profiles

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