Vuelta Femenina 2024: The Route

Vuelta Femenina 2023The Vuelta Femenina is set to finish on Sunday with a mountain top finish in Madrid's ski station Valdesquí. Hilly races, chances for sprinters and two more mountain top finishes round out the route.

The women’s Vuelta kicks off with a flat 16 kilometres long TTT with start and finish in Valencia.

Stage 2 is poised for a bunch sprint finish, while stage 3 presents a different challenge altogether. It’s a gruelling ordeal with almost 2,300 metres of climbing over 130 kilometres.

Stage 3 serves up the longest day in the saddle, which is expected to come down to a fast finishers showdown. The 4th stage predominantly descends, with no significant climbs to contend with.

As the race concludes uphill, climbers are expected to take centre stage in the 5th stage. The final ascent is not longer than 3.4 kilometres, but boasts thirteen hairpin bends. The average gradient sits at 7.9%, with the steepest sections just before the finish line.

Climbing continues in stage 6. The route finishes uphill near La Laguna Negra, with the final climb rising 6.8% over 6.5 kilometres, ramping up to 11.2% in the last 500 metres.

The penultimate stage unfolds on flat to rolling roads until a suprise awaits in the finale. The last 700 meters rise at 6.7% to the line.

Arguably, the final stage of the women’s Vuelta is the toughest of the entire race. Riders conquer nearly 2,200 vertical metres over a course of no more than 89 kilometres. The finish comes after a 12.8 kilometres climb with a 4.8% gradient.

La Vuelta Femenina 2024: route & profiles

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