Tour of the Alps 2022 Route stage 5: Lienz - Lienz

Tour of te Alps 2022 stage 5Friday 22 April - At 116 kilometres, the Tour of the Alps concludes with a hilly race in and around Lienz. The route consists of several loops and a lot of steep ramps, while the last peak is crested with 10 kilometres remaining.

The race opens with 25 kilometres on the flat and then the Bannberg is tackled on its most trying side. This way, the climb is 5.5 kilometres long and goes up at double digit gradients. A technical downhill takes the riders to the foot of a similar test. The climb up to Assling is 4 kilometres long and rises at approximately 10%.

A rolling section and a short downhill take the riders to a relatively easy climb into Anras. They continue to descend towards the Drau to follow the river downstream for 15 kilometres.

Then it’s time to tackle Bannberg from an easier side. The first kilometre still goes up at 12% before the climb flattens out. On this side, the Bannberg is 6.7 kilometres long and averages 6.7%.

The riders descend to Lienz to cross the finish line in the opposite direction and continue to the foot of the final uphill test at the Tour of the Alps. The Stronach-Iselsberg climb is 2.5 kilometres long and goes up at 14%. After a false flat section at the top the riders fly downhill for 5 kilometres to enter the final 5 kilometres on the flat.

Tour of the Alps 2022 stage 5: route, profile, more

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