Tour of the Alps 2022: The Route

Tour of te Alps 2020The Tour of the Alps takes place from 18 to 22 April. All five stages of the Italian/Austrian contest are kept short to inspire aggressive racing, while the total elevation gain adds up to 13,750 metres. Simon Yates is title holder.

The 2022 Tour of the Alps is packed with climbs from the mountainous regions of northern Italy and Austria, while none of the included peaks exceeds 2,000 metres to avoid the risk of horrid weather.

The action begins in Italy with the longest race – 159 kilometres – of this edition. The most trying part of stage 1 is the second half, when the riders tackle the Passo Brocon and Passo Gobbera before descending towards the finale – a rising slope leading onto a flat run-in to the line.

The second half of the 2nd stage is also the most testing part. After cresting the Mendel Pass and Gampen Pass the finale is fast and flat.

Stage 3 takes in three ascents. The Passo Furcia – with the final 4 kilometres at 10% – is likely to be crucial. It’s the last climb of the day before the riders descend to a false-flat run-in to the line.

The Tour of the Alps heads into Austria on the fourth day of action. Stage 4 finishes in the shadow of the Groβglockner. The irregular finish climb is 12.5 kilometres long and includes a bit of everything – flat, false flat and sections at almost 10%.

The final stage is a hilly race in and around Lienz. The route consists of several loops and features a lot of steep ramps. The last climb – 2.5 kilometres at 14% – is crested with 10 kilometres remaining.

Tour of the Alps 2022: routes, profiles, more

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