Paris-Nice 2022 Route stage 6: Courthézon - Aubagne

Paris-Nice 2022 stage 6Friday 11 March - The longest stage of Paris-Nice adds up to 213.6 kilometres. The race from Courthézon to Aubagne takes in fice climbs, two of which extend to 10 kilometres.

In theory, the route is tailor made for attackers. The summit of the last ascent is situated almost 30 kilometres before the finish. GC riders will have very little to gain, especially since the last climb goes up at a moderate average gradient of 4.4%.

But let’s start at the beginning. Following a flat run-up the road rises false flat to the foot of the Col de Murs. A relatively long climb, 10.4 kilometres, but the gradients are hardly threatening, mostly hovering around 4%.

The first half of the race also serves the unclassified Col du Pointu. This climb is 7.7 kilometres long and averages 3.3%.

Around the halfway marker the riders tackle two climbs in short succession – Col de Sambur (3.5 kilometres at 6%) and Col des Portes (3.2 kilometres at 5.1%) – and roughly 25 kilometres later they reach the foot of the Col de Pas de la Couelle. This is an ascent of 5.4 kilometres with an average gradient of 4.2%. Still 50 kilometres and one pass to go at the top.

That last pass, Col de l’Espigoulier, goes up for 10.8 kilometres and the average gradient sits at 4.4%. After the descent the route rises false flat to the second intermediate sprint in Lascours before the last 6 kilometres go downhill at shallow gradients.

The first three riders on the line gain time bonuses of 10, 6 and 4 seconds, while the intermediate sprints – at kilometre 65.5 and at kilometre 205.0 – come with 3, 2 and 1 seconds.

Ride the route yourself? Download GPX stage 6.

Paris-Nice 2022 stage 6: route, profiles, more

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