World Cycling Championships 2018 Innsbruck, Austria: Route road race – women

Saturday, 29 September 2018 - The women's road race at the Worlds in Innsbruck is played out on a route of 156.7 kilometres. The altitude gain is 2,413 metres, while the race ends on a local circuit of 23.9 kilometres that's raced three times. Each lap takes in a 7.9 kilometres climb at 5.7%.

The road for women at the World Cycling Championships in Austria starts in Endach, Kufstein, and heads in 85 kilometres for the Innsbruck circuit. At 60 kilometre the women tackle a punchy climb up to the village Gnadenwald. The 2.6 kilometres slope is averaging 10.5%.

Following the first passage on the line at the Rennweg in Innsbruck there are three laps of 23.9 kilometres remaining. Shortly they hit a 7.9 kilometres with an average gradient of 5.7% and steepest sectors of 10%. The fifth and sixth kilometres are toughest.

It’s 13.5 kilometres from the summit to the (passage on the) line. The first 7.5 kilometres are in descent, while the last 6 kilometres are played out on the flat.

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