World Cycling Championships 2018 Innsbruck, Austria: Route ITT – women

Tuesday, 25 September 2018 - The individual time trial for women at the Worlds in Innsbruck is played out on a 28.5 kilometres course. Despite the mighty Alps all around, the route is not extremely hard. The elevation gain is 262 metres, while the toughest climb amounts to 1.2 kilometre at 4.3%.

The riders roll off the start ramp in Wattens and at kilometre 4 they cross the Inn to follow the river upstream to Hall in Tirol. After approximately 10 kilometres on the flat they face a first minor climb near Baumkirchen – 700 metres at 4.5% – before the toughest task of the day looms at kilometre 16.9 in Hall in Tirol. Actually, the road starts to go up at kilometre 14 and after passing through Hall in Tirol a 1.2 kilometre slope at 4.3% climbs to the village Absam.

After Absam the route continues on rolling roads until the women cross the river Inn again with 1 kilometre left. The last section is mostly flat.

In 2017, Annemiek van Vleuten powered to the rainbow bands on the challenging route in Bergen, Norway, while Anna van der Breggen and Katrin Garfoot rounded out the podium.

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