World Cycling Championships 2018 Innsbruck, Austria: Route TTT - men

World Cycling Championships 2018 TTT for menSunday, 23 September 2018 - The team time trial at the Worlds in Innsbruck amounts to 62.1 kilometres. The rolling route features one real obstacle: a 4.6 kilometres climb at 5.7% to the village of Axams. Once there it's 17.1 kilometres left to race.

Shortly after rolling of the ramp the teams tackle a short climb before they can go full gas in the next 20 kilometres as this stretch is (mostly) a false flat down. A rolling section of 15 kilometres leads to the foot of the ascent to Axams. The road climb for 4.6 kilometres with an averaga gradient of 5.7%, while the steepest ramp adds up to 13%. The climb flattens out before the top.

When reaching Axams the teams have 17.1 kilometres ahead of them. Following a rolling 2.5 kilometres they drop back down to the valley of the Inn River. The descent is 4.8 kilometres before the last last 9.8 kilometres of the route are on the flat. The finish is on the Rennweg in Innsbruck.

World Cycling Championships 2018 Innsbruck-Tirol: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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