Vuelta 2022: Route and stages

Vuelta 2022The Dutch city Utrecht was set to host the Gran Salida of the 2020 Vuelta a España, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Big Start was replaced to the Basque Country. The Netherlands will now see the Spanish Big Start in 2022. The race kicks into gear on Friday 19 August. (Slideshow route/profile)

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The Vuelta a España used to be the least geographically adventurous of the three Grand Tours. The race ventured outside Spain for a start for the first time to neighbouring Portugal in 1997. Drenthe, the Netherlands, hosted the second foreign Gran Salida in 2009 and the third and last foreign start was in 2017 in Nîmes, France.

The full route of the 2022 Vuelta will be unveiled in Madrid on 16 December at 19.30 local time (CET).

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Vuelta a España 2022 stages:

date route km type
1 19-8 Vuelta 2022 route stage 1 Utrecht – Utrecht 23.2 TTT
2 20-8 Vuelta 2022 route stage 2 ‘s Hertogenbosch – Utrecht 181.6 flat
3 21-8 Vuelta 2022 route stage 3 Breda – Breda 193.2 flat

Vuelta a España 2022: route, profiles, more

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