Vuelta 2022 Route stage 17: Aracena - Monasterio de Tentudía

Vuelta a España stage 17Wednesday 7 September – Stage 17 travels from Aracena and Monasterio de Tentudía. A day for the attackers is the most likely scenario on the 160 kilometres long route with a 9.3 kilometres climb to the line. The race is played out on the hot roads of Andalcía and Extremadura.

Aracena is your typical Andalucia village with its special attraction hidden underground. La Gruta de la Maravillas – or, Cave of Wonders – is subterranean complex stretches for around 2,130 metres. The network of limestone caverns is a natural underground monument with subterranean lakes, stalactites, stalagmites, and dripstone curtains. The temperatures in the cave is always 16°Celsius to 19°Celsius, with around 98% humidity.

Once on the road the riders will yearn for a cool cave, as this part of Spain is notorious for being extremely hot in summer. The route is ‘Spanish flat’, which means that it goes up and down all day without any real climbing.

That is, until the finale. The Montasterio de Tentudía is a hilltop monastery. The road starts to climb at kilometre 150. The first 2.3 kilometres rise at 7.1% before it levels out and even descends for a bit. The dash for the top is 4.1 kilometres at 7.5%. Taken from base to finish, the ascent to the monastery is 9.3 kilometres long and averages 5.1%.

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Vuelta a España 2022 stage 17: route, profile, more

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