Vuelta 2022 Route stage 7: Camargo - Cistierna

Vuelta a España stage 7Friday 26 August - At 190 kilometres, the 7th stage of the Vuelta travels from Camargo to Cistierna. One massive climb markes the route, Puerto de San Glorio, with its summit 65 kilometres before the finish line.

Although the route in the first part of the race is far from flat, the real action begins when the riders approach the Puerto de San Glorio. In Panes the route starts to incline and will continue to do so for 55 kilometres. Slowly but surely the gradients gets tougher until the actual climb begins in Potes. This way, the Puerto de San Glorio is 26.7 kilometres long and averages 4.8%, but the last 16 kilometres are steeper – approximately 6%.

The Puerto de San Glorio peaks out at 1,603 metres. The riders descent towards a plateau on which they continue for the remaining 65 kilometres, mostly on flat roads.

Cistierna never hosted a stage finish before, although La Vuelta visited the place twice in the last six years. In 2016, the stage went to Alto del Narranco above Oviedo (David de La Cruz victory) and in 2018 to the destination of this year’s 8t stage, Les Praeres de Nava (Simon Yates victory).

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Vuelta a España 2022 stage 7: route, profile, more

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