Vuelta 2022 Route stage 8: Pola de Laviana - Collado Fancuaya

Vuelta a España stage 8Saturday 27 August - Stage 8 at La Vuelta features five categorised ascents. The last climb is particularly interesting. For one, the finish lies at the top, and secondly, the Collado Fancuaya was never before included in the Spanish Grand Tour. The route totals 154.5 kilometres.

Pola de Laviana was the start point of Hugh Carthy’s successful 2020 expedition to the Angliru. La Vuelta returns to the Asturian town for a similar race, although the Fancuaya is hard, but – obviously – not as hard as the insane Angliru.

The race opens with a climb, as the Alto de la Colladona is crested after 10.9 kilometres. It’s an ideal warm-up as the average gradient increases along the way. The total climb averages 4.6% and the last 5 kilometres go up at 6.8%.

Up next: the Alto de Mozqueta. The summit is reached after a 15.8 kilometres climb, but the last 5 kilometres is the only part that carries some weight. It rises at 7.5%, while the average gradients from foot to top lies at 3.9%.

The race steams up, as the following climb begins right after the descent. The Alto de Santo Emiliano is 5.4 kilometres long and averages 6.1%. Still 93 kilometres to go at the top.

The Puerto de Tenebredo appears 20 kilometres after the Santo Emiliano descent. The 7 kilometres climb serves a section at 15.5% early on, but it cools off fast and the average gradient – 5.2% – reflects a much more friendly profile.

The route descends to a lumpy section of 30 kilometres leading towards the The Great Unknown. The roads starts to go up at shallow gradients with 18.7 kilometres to go, but the Collado Fancuaya kicks in hard in the last 7 kilometres. The first 2 of which rise at 9.1 before it levels out a little – yet, still 6 to 8% -, only to kick back up again to 9% in the last 2.7 kilometres. The final 700 metres go up at almost 11%.

Starting from San Pedro de los Burros, the Fancuaya is 18.7 kilometres long and averages 5%.

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Vuelta a España 2022 stage 8: route, profile, more

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