Tour de Suisse 2018 Route stage 7: Eschenbach/Atzmännig – Arosa

Friday, 15 June 2018 - At 170.5 kilometres, the Tour de Suisse's 7th stage travels from Eschenbach to Arosa and takes in 2,923 vertical metres. Following a hilly opening the centre piece is flat before the race ends with a 29 kilometres climb to the mountain village. It's the Tour de Suisse's last summit finish.

In the last mountain stage the Tour de Suisse travels to Arosa at an elevation of 1,775 metres. Since the first finish in 1946, the Tour de Suisse has often passed by the Obersee. Six years ago Michael Albasini soloed to victory in Arosa, while Chris Horner while Chris Horner took the stage honours in the 2005 Tour de Suisse ahead of Vincenzo Nibali. The Shark of Messina was only twenty years of age then.

The first 69 kilometres of the 7th stage are quite hilly before a descent to Altstätten ushers in a flat intermediate section of 70 kilometres. Shortly after moving through Chur the riders tackle the final climb. Basically, the haul up to Arosa has four dimensions. The first 11.8 kilometres rise at 5.7% and continue onto 7.6 kilometres with a moderate gradient (2.9%) before the toughest section appears: 3 kilometres at 10%. The last 2 kilometres to the line are a false flat.

The first three riders on the line win time bonuses of 10, 6 and 4 seconds, while two intermediate sprints (at kilometre 126.7 and at kilometre 135.9) come with 3, 2 and 1 seconds each.

The 7th stage of the 2018 Tour de Suisse starts at 11:50 and the finish is expected at 16:20.

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