Tour de Suisse 2018 Route stage 1: TTT Frauenfeld

Tour de Suisse 2018 route 1st stage Saturday, 9 June 2018 - The Tour de Suisse opens with an 18.3 kilometres team time trial in Frauenfeld. The route runs on rolling to hilly roads with two uphill sections at 5% standing out.

The starting hub of the Tour de Suisse is located in Frauenfeld, so obviously the TTT’s start ramp stands in this town in the north of Switzerland. Following an opening on the flat the route starts to climb for 1 kilometre at 5% from kilometre 2.8 onwards before it continues on a false flat for one more kilometre. A short drop leads to the next uphill section. Starting at kilometre 5.6, the route climbs for 1.4 kilometre at an average gradient of 4.8%. A 2.5 kilometres false flat runs to a steep drop of 800 metres. The last 5 kilometres are entirely flat.

Last year, the Tour de Suisse started with an individual time trial in Cham, while Rohan Dennis powered to the win. A team time trial is something else and it has been years since the Tour de Suisse had its last team time trial.

The first team starts at 14:20 local time, the last team is expected around 17:17.

Tour de Suisse 2018 stage 1: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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