Tour de France Femmes 2022 Route stage 4: Troyes - Bar-sur-Aube

Tour de France Femmes 2022Wednesday 27 July - The 4th stage of the Tour de France for women is packed with steep ramps and unpaved roads, or 'chemins blancs'. Both the gravel and the uphill action begin in the second half of the 126 kilometres long race. Basically, this is the Strade Bianche in France.

The first half of the race is played out on rolling terrain. Tension will be rising when approaching the Côte de Celles-sur-Ource. The 1.1 kilometres climb at 8.9% is crested with almost 60 kilometres remaining. To spice things up the route does not go downhill after the top, it continues to climb at shallow gradients on the first chemin blanc – or, white road – of the day. The Chemin de Celles is 2.3 kilometres long.

This combination sets the tone, as it does not take long before the Côte du Val des Clos (900 metres at 8.8%) is followed by the 3.2 kilometres long Chemin des Hauts Forêts. The riders then descend onto the longest gravel sector of the day. The Chemin du Plateau de Blu adds up to 4.4 kilometres, and goes uphill as well.

The next test is an isolated climb. The Côte de Maître Jean is 1.8 kilometres long and rises at 4.4%. Almost 7 kilometres later the Côte de Vitry (900 metres at 6.9%) presents the last combination with a white road. The Chemin de Vitry is 3 kilometres long and flat for a change.

Still 16 kilometres and two climbs to go when the riders re-enter the tarmac. The Côte des Bergères (1.7 kilometres at 5.1%) and Côte du Val Perdu (1.8 kilometres at 4%) are tackled back-to-back before a 2 kilometres downhill leads onto the final 2 kilometres on the flat.

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Tour de France Femmes 2022 stage 4: route, profile

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