Tour Colombia 2019: Alaphilippe wins stage 5 to take GC lead

The 5th stage of Tour Colombia is a hilly race featuring almost 3,000 vertical metres. The finale is pepped up by a 7.5 kilometres climb and that's where the action ignites. Sosa and Martínez are the first riders over the top before Alaphilippe, López and Carapaz rejoin them on descent. The Frenchman wins the sprint to take the GC lead. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 5th stage 2019 Tour Colombia

1. Julian Alaphilippe (fra)
2. Miguel Ángel López (col) s.t.
3. Richard Carapaz (ecu) s.t.
4. Daniel Felipe Martínez s.t.
5. Iván Sosa (col) + 0.06
6. Bob Jungels (lux) + 0.42
7. Rigoberto Uran (col) s.t.
8. Alejandro Osorio (col) s.t.
9. Nairo Quitana (col) s.t.
10. Egan Bernal (col) s.t.

GC after stage 5
1. Julian Alaphilipe (fra)
2. Daniel Felipe Martínez (col) + 0.08
3. Miguel Ángel López (col) + 0.23
4. Iván Sosa (col) + 0.29
5. Bob Jungels (lux) + 0.53
6. Richard Carapaz (ecu) + 0.55
7. Rigoberto Uran (col) + 0.57
8. Lawson Craddock (gbr) s.t.
9. Egan Bernal (col) + 1.05
10. Óscar Sevilla (spa) + 1.27

Race report
Davide Villella and Alexis Camacho jump clear in the early stages of the race, while Chris Froome is dropped the first time up El Nano because he is held up by a crash.

The race really kicks into gear when the early attackers are accompanied by Julian Alaphilippe, Richard Carapaz, Óscar Sevilla, Daniel Felipe Martínez, Iván Sosa, Winner Anacona, Rodrigo Contreras, Miguel Rubiano, Harold Tejeda, Camilo Castiblanco, Juan Pablo Suárez, Brayan Sánchez, Sebastián Castaño, Oscar Quiroz, Alvaro Duarte and Eduard Beltrán.

Alaphilippe wins the first intermediate sprint ahead of Sevilla and Martínez. The second and third are pocketed by Martínez, while Sosa wins 2 seconds.

The front group widens the gap to 3 minutes before the first riders are dropped. The favourites push on tough and when the gap falls below 1 minute Sosa and Alaphilippe head out together. The chasing group features only twenty riders and Froome is more than 20 minutes behind.

On the last climb Martínez, Contreras and Anacona replace Alaphilippe before Sosa goes solo. Martínez rejoins his compatriot, while Egan Bernal strikes on the lower slopes. Miguel Ángel López goes on the counter attack and he joins former leaders Alaphilippe and Carapaz.

Inside the last kilometre the trio makes contact with Sosa and Martínez. Alaphilippe’s kick for the line is decisive and he wins the race ahead of López and Carapaz.

Ensuing read: route 5th stage Tour Colombia 2019.

Tour Colombia 2019 stage 5: route, profiles, more

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Julian Alaphilippe

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