Paris-Nice 2019 Route stage 4: Vichy - Péluchin

Paris-Nice 2019 stage 4Wednesday 13 March - The 4th stage of Paris-Nice is a hilly affair of 212 kilometres, which takes off in Vichy. The finish is in Péluchin, some 2 kilometres after the top of the last climb. It is the longest race of this year's edition.

Riders who are eyeing up the mountain jersey should be part of the breakaway. Shortly after the start the Côte de Cheval-Rigon offers the first chance to grab some KOM points. It is a 5.7 kilometres climb with shallow gradients. Following a short descent the route continues to climb to the highest point of the day at an elevation of almost 800 metres. No KOM points at the top though.

A rolling section of more than 100 kilometres leads to the more hilly last part of the race. This is where the KOM aspiring riders are going to reap what they sowed. The last 60 kilometres bring three classified climbs. The Côte de Trèves (3 kilometres at 5.2%) leads to the steep Côte de Condrieu (1.9 kilometres at 8.5%). Still 40 kilometres remaining.

Halfway up the Côte de Saint-Michel-sur-Rhône (3 kilometres at 6.6%) the riders enter the final circuit, which is 29 kilometres long. Shortly after cresting the riders move through Péluchin and continue to fly down to the foot of Côte de Chavanay. The hill is 3.1 kilometres with an average gradient of 4.9%. The last kilometres are familiar, as the riders explored this section after the cresting penultimate climb.

The first three riders on the line win time bonuses of 10, 6 and 4 seconds, while two intermediate sprints (at kilometre 35 and kilometre 109.5) come with 3, 2 and 1 seconds.

Another interesting read: results stage 4 Paris-Nice 2019.

Paris-Nice 2019 stage 4: route, profile, more

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