Giro Rosa 2016 Route stage 6: Andora – Alassio/Madonna della Guardia

Giro Rosa 2016 stage 6Thursday, July 7, 2016 – Stage 6 in the Giro Rosa is the toughest in the road book. At 118.6 kilometres, the women race from Andora to Madonna della Guardia, which is a peak that's crested after a 7.4 kilometres climb at 7.7%. All in all, the parcours features almost 40 kilometres of climbing.

Stage 5 may have had the toughest climb, Mortirolo, stage 6 is the harshest one in the 2016 Giro Rosa. Successively, the following climbs lay waiting: Passo del Ginestro (crested after 20.7 kilometres), Colle di Nava (after 43 kilometres) and Passo Caprauna (after 57.1 kilometres). Via these passes the women climb to an elevation of 1,374 metres, the highest point of the stage.

Then a long drop and a flat section at around 20 kilometres leads to the foot of the last climb, which is a 7.4 kilometres toil at 7.7%. Take note, the last 1,600 metres come with a brutal 13.5%!

Besides, the first three climbs are no picnic either. Passo del Ginestro is 12.3 kilometres at 4.3%, Colle di Nava 10,8 kilometres at 6.6%, while the Passo Caprauna comes with 8.4 kilometres of climbing at 7%.

Last year, stage 6 was a mountain stage also. Mayuko Hagiwara climbed an historic to victory as this was the first Japanese win women’s pro-cycling.

At the top of Madonna della Guardia times bonuses at 10, 6 and 4 welcome the first three riders. There is only one intermediate sprint. At 10 kilometres before the foot of the closing climb, the sprint comes with bonuses at 3, 2 and 1 seconds.

Stage 6 in the 2016 Giro Rosa leaves at 12:15, while the finish is expected to be at around 15:20.

Giro Rosa 2016 stage 6: Route maps, height profiles, etc.

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