Giro Rosa 2016 Stage 6: Evelyn Stevens wins tough mountain stage ahead of new leader Guarnier

In stage 6 of the Giro Rosa the women crest three peaks before a tough summit finish at Madonna della Guardia after a 7.4 kilometres closing climb at 7.7%. It's there Evelyn Stevens attacks in a group with GC-favourites to solo to victory. Megan Guarnier finishes in second and takes the maglia rosa. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 6th stage Giro Rosa

1. Evelyn Stevens (usa)
2. Megan Guarnier (usa) + 0.06
3. Anna van der Breggen (nld) + 0.19
4. Claudia Lichtenberg (ger) + 0.40
5. Mara Abbott (usa) + 0.53
6. Tariana Guderzo (ita) + 1.18
7. Katarzyna Niewiadoma (pol) + 2.58
8. Elena Ceccini (ita) + 3.55
9. Ksenyia Tuhai (blr) + 4.22
10. Alena Amaialiusik (blr) + 6.00

Results 6th stage Giro Rosa
1. Megan Guarnier (usa)
2. Mara Abbott (usa) + 0.46
3. Evelyn Stevens (usa) + 1.03
4. Claudia Lichtenberg (ger) + 1.06
5. Tatiana Guderzo (ita) + 1.49
6. Anna van der Breggen (nld) + 2.18
7. Katarzyna Niewadoma (pol) + 6.40
8. Ksenyia Tuhai (blr) + 12.11
9. Alena Amialiusik (blr) + 12.33
10. Leah Kirchmann (can) + 12.37

Race report
Best Youg Rider Niewiadoma is up to something. She attacks early on and while Longo Borghini manages to close the gap, she is dropped later. At the top of the second climb Niewiadoma’s lead over a chasing group of 14 riders, featuring maglia rosa Mara Abbott, is 2 minutes.

On the third climb Niewiadoma’s advantage is down to 1 minute when Abbott and Stevens bridge over. The chasing group with Van der Breggen, Guderzo, Guarnier and Armitstead is 2 minutes down wehen cresting. Still 67 kms to go – mainly downhill or flat, except for the closing climb.

The chasing group is accompanied by Canuel, Lichtenberg, Tuhai, Amialiusik and Cecchini and they re-join the front of the race before the closing climb.

On the lower slopes Abbott, Van der Breggen, Niewiadoma, Lichtenberg, Guderzo, Stevens and Armitstead leave the others alone.

In the last kms attacks are everywhere, yet it’s when Stevens goes she is able to force a proper gap. The winner of the first summit finish in this year’s Giro Rosa powers on to take her second stage win this year. Her team mate finishes in second and takes the pink jersey from Mara Abbott.

Giro Rosa 2016 stage 6: Route maps, height profiles, etc.

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