Giro 2024: Kooij wins in Naples, Pogacar still in pink

Olav kooij giro - Giro 2024: Kooij wins in Naples, Pogacar still in pinkfoto: Cor VosJhonathan Narváez attacks inside the final 8 kilometres. He comes close, but is caught in the dying metres of the race before Olav Kooij outguns Jonathan Milan on the line. Tadej Pogacar stays in the lead of the general classification. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 9th stage 2024 Giro

1. Olav Kooij (nld)
2. Jonathan Milan (ita) s.t.
3. Sebastián Molano (col) s.t.
4. Alberto Dainese (ita) s.t.
5. Danny van Poppel (nld) s.t.
6. Madis Mikhels (est) s.t.
7. Kaden Groves (aus) s.t.
8. Andrea Vendrame (ita) s.t.
9. Davide Ballerini (ita) s.t.
10. Max Kanter (ger) s.t.

GC after stage 9
1. Tadej Pogacar (slo)
2. Daniel Felipe Martínez (col) + 2.40
3. Geraint Thomas (gbr) + 2.58
4. Ben O’Connor (aus) + 3.39
5. Cian Uijtdebroeks (bel) + 4.02
6. Antonio Tiberi (ita) + 4.23
7. Lorenzo Fortunato (ita) + 5.15
8. Einer Rubio (col) + 5.28
9. Thymen Arensman (nld) + 5.30
10. Jan Hirt (cze) + 5.53

Race report
Team mates Mirco Maestri and Andrea Pietrobon attack from the gun. Manuele Tarozzi chases for a while, but he doesn’t bridge across. The duo opens up a gap of almost 4 minutes.

The gap falls below 1 minute on the Monte di Procida, while Tim Merlier and Fabio Jakobsen are dropped from the pack.

Julian Alaphilippe attacks on a short climb with 27 kilometres remaining. Nicola Conci goes with him and the two overhaul the two leaders. Kevin Vermaerke and Lewis Askey bridge across also, while Ewen Costiou closes the gap after a 5 kilometres chase.

Alaphilippe goes again on the subsequent climb. Costiou follows his move.

The two are almost caught inside the last 10 kilometres, which inspires Alaphilippe to give it another dig. He is caught by Jhonathan Narváez when the winner of stage 1 attacks from the peloton inside the last 8 kilometres. He enters the last kilometre with a 12 seconds lead.

The sprinters overhaul Narváez in the last 30 metres before Olav Kooij outguns Jonathan Milan by a slim margin. Tadej Pogacar, who leads out number three Sebastián Molano, retains the pink jersey.

Another interesting read: route 9th stage 2024 Giro.

Giro d’Italia 2024 stage 9: video, route, profiles

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Olav Kooij

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