Giro 2024: Sprint triumph Pogacar at Prati di Tivo

Tadej Pogacar giro - Giro 2024: Sprint triumph pink jersey Pogacar at Prati di Tivofoto: Cor VosThe GC group stays together on the Prati di Tivo finishing climb. Tadej Pogacar outsprints Daniel Felipe Martínez in commanding style to further extend his lead on the GC. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 8th stage 2024 Giro

1. Tadej Pogacar (slo)
2. Daniel Felipe Martínez (col) s.t.
3. Ben O’Connor (aus) s.t.
4. Antonio Tiberi (ita) + 0.02
5. Geraint Thomas (gbr) s.t.
6. Einer Rubio (col) s.t.
7. Cian Uijtdebroeks (bel) s.t.
8. Thymen Arensman (nld) + 0.11
9. Michael Storer (aus) + 0.13
10. Alex Baudin (fra) + 0.21

11. Lorenzo Fortunato (ita) + s.t.
14. Jan Hirt (cze) s.t.
17. Filippo Zana (ita) + 2.21
19. Alexey Lutsenko (kaz) s.t.
84. Luke Plapp (aus) + 20.17

GC after stage 8
1. Tadej Pogacar (slo)
2. Daniel Felipe Martínez (col) + 2.40
3. Geraint Thomas (gbr) + 2.58
4. Ben O’Connor (aus) + 3.39
5. Cian Uijtdebroeks (bel) + 4.02
6. Antonio Tiberi (ita) + 4.23
7. Lorenzo Fortunato (ita) + 5.15
8. Einer Rubio (col) + 5.28
9. Thymen Arensman (nld) + 5.30
10. Jan Hirt (cze) + 5.53

Race report
The route climbs from the start, and attacks fly from the start as well. Ewen Costiou and Georg Steinhauser reach the summit of the first climb with a small lead. Martin Marcellusi bridges across in the valley.

On the Forca di Capistrello a new lead group takes shape: Jhonatan Narváez, Alessandro Verre, Valentin Paret-Peintre, Georg Steinhauser, Nairo Quintana, Pelayo Sánchez, Julian Alaphilippe, Romain Bardet, Alessandro De Marchi, Michael Storer, Martin Marcellusi, Magnus Sheffield, Henok Mulubhran and Simon Geschke. Steinhauser, Geschke and Bardet attack from this group before Paret-Peintre bridges across to them.

Geschke takes most KOM points at the top, while Narváez, Sheffield, Verre, and Alaphilippe rejoin the leaders on the descent. The other attackers make it back with 100 kilometres remaining. They race to a lead of 2.30 minutes.

Geschke moves up to second place in the KOM competition by taking the most points at the Croce Abbio as well.

The gap is down to 30 seconds when the lead group enters the finishing climb. Early on the slopes, Verre heads out alone, but Paret-Peintre goes on the counter-attack. The peloton gobbles up the other attackers inside the last 10 kilometres, while Lutsenko can’t follow the pace.

For kilometres, Paret-Peintre races 20 seconds ahead of the main group. The catch is made with 4.2 kilometres to go.

Antonio Tibert tries several times to go clear inside the last 2 kilometres, but Tadej Pogacar shuts it all down. Eventually it is Daniel Felipe Martínez who opens the sprint, but the pink jersey counters to win the stage with a few bike lengths.

Another interesting read: route 8th stage 2024 Giro.

Giro d’Italia 2024 stage 8: video, route, profiles

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Tadej Pogacar

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