Giro 2024: Valentin Paret-Peintre wins from break, Pogacar still in pink

Valentin paret peintre - Giro 2024: Valentin Paret-Peintre wins from break, Pogacar still in pinkfoto: Cor VosValentin Paret-Peintre drops his fellow attacker Romain Bardet with 3 kilometres to climb on the Boca della Selva. He overhauls soloist Jan Tratnik to win the 10th stage of the Giro d'Italia. Tadej Pogacar stays in the GC lead. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 10th stage 2024 Giro

1. Valentin Paret-Peintre (fra)
2. Romain Bardet (fra) + 0.30
3. Jan Tratnik (slo) + 1.00
4. Andrea Bagioli (ita) + 1.17
5. Aurélien Paret-Peintre (fra) + 1.24
6. Simon Geschke (ger) s.t.
7. Filippo Zana (fra) s.t.
8. Domenico Pozzovivo (ita) s.t.
9. Nicola Conci (ita) + 1.41
10. Esteban Chaves (col) + 1.56

14. Ben O’Connor (aus) + 3.14
15. Daniel Felipe Martínez (col) s.t.
16. Geraint Thomas (gbr) s.t.
17. Tadej Pogacar (slo) s.t.
18. Einer Rubio (col) s.t.
19. Antonio Tiberi (ita) + 3.18
20. Jan Hirt (cze) z.t
22. Lorenzo Fortunato (ita) s.t.
26. Cian Uijtdebroeks (bel) + 3.27
29. Thymen Arensman (nld) + 3.36

GC after stage 10
1. Tadej Pogacar (slo)
2. Daniel Felipe Martínez (col) + 2.40
3. Geraint Thomas (gbr) + 2.58
4. Ben O’Connor (aus) + 3.39
5. Cian Uijtdebroeks (bel) + 4.15
6. Antonio Tiberi (ita) + 4.27
7. Romain Bardet (fra) + 4.57
8. Lorenzo Fortunato (ita) + 5.19
9. Filippo Zana (ita) + 5.23
10. Einer Rubio (col) + 5.28

Race report
Quinten Hermans and Simon Clarke attack from the gun. The peloton pace remains high, and Alessandro De Marchi bridges across after 20 kilometres of frantic action.

The peloton keeps chasing, and Hermans is dropped from the lead group just before the intermediate sprint – at kilometre 52.1

Eventually a huge group, featuring the likes of Valentin Paret-Peintre, Esteban Chaves, Andrea Bagioli, Juan Pedro López, Romain Bardet, Jan Tratnik, Domenico Pozzovivo, Damiano Caruso, Aurélien Paret-Peintre, Filippo Fiorelli, Marco Frigo, and Filippo Zana – manage to distance the peloton. They rejoin the two leaders on the Campasauro climb.

After intergiro sprint, with roughly 38 kilometres to go, Tratnik attacks from the lead group. Frigo, Bagioli, Bardet, and Valentin Paret-Peintre go after him.

Tratnik enters the finish climb 35 seconds ahead of the first chasers. The second group trails at 1.15 minutes and the peloton is over 5 minutes in arrears.

The lone attacker extends his lead to over 1 minute on the climb. But when Paret-Peintre and Bardet speed up and drop Frigo and Bagioli, the gap falls again. The two Frenchmen pass the banner for the last 5 kilometres 39 seconds after the Slovene.

Paret-Peintre drops Bardet with 3 kilometres to go, and he gobbles up Tratnik just 300 metres later. The Frenchman pushes on to take his first stage win in a grand Tour.

The GC riders cross the line 3.14 minutes later, and Tadej Pogacar retains the maglia rosa.

Another interesting read: route 10th stage 2024 Giro.

Giro d’Italia 2024 stage 10: video, route, profiles

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Valentin Paret-Peintre

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