Giro 2014: Hills in stage 3 - Ireland

Giro 2014: Profile stage 3 Armagh (N-Irl) - Dublin (Irl) The three Irish stages are completed with a 187 kilometre stage from Armagh to Dublin. Another flat stage, the only hills are found in the Northern Ireland section early of the stage. (Slideshow route/profile)

The first 77 kilometres of stage 3 in the Giro are on Northern Irish soil and the last 110 kilometres are raced in the Republic. The only hills appear after 32 and 51 kilometres.

The first hill is Market Hill Summit. Three times a week this is the place to be for buying and selling cattle. It’s at 232 metres.

Next comes Fews Forest. The highest point is 315 metres and it’s 136 kilometres from the finish line.

The finale is extremely flat.

Giro 2014 stage 3: Images and more

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