Vuelta 2019 Route stage 6: Mora de Rubielos - Ares del Maestrat

Vuelta 2019 route stage 6Thursday 29 Augustus 2019 - The 6th stage of the Vuelta a España leads from Mora de Rubielos to Ares del Maestrat. At 196.6 kilometres, the riders tackle four climbs, including the final haul up.

Shortly after the start – already at an elevation of 1,000 metres – the route climbs further uphill. Firstly to the village Nogueruelas and then to the correspending peak, Puerto de Nogueruelas. Next up is the Puerto de Linares. With its crests at 1,660 metres, this is the highest point of the day. The race is 35.8 kilometres underway.

On rolling roads the route descents slowly to 640 metres. Still 35 kilometres and two more climbs. to go. First the Puerto de Culla, while the last climb goes to Ares del Maestrat.

The route of La Vuelta’s 6th stage runs through the Sierra de Gúdar, a remote mountain chain with stunning nature.

Vuelta a España 2019 stage 6: route, elevation, more

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