Volta a Catalunya 2024: The Route

Volta a Catalunya 2024The Volta a Catalunya features three tests in the high mountains with summit finishes, which is rounded out by a number of hilly stages and an occasional chance for fast men. Sunday's final stage revolves around the Montjuïc hill in Barcelona.

For the third consecutive year La Volta opens with a race with start and finish in Sant Feliu de Guíxols. The route is not a copy of last year’s, but the finale is. The home straight of stage 1 runs uphill, so powerful sprinters are expected to shine.

Stage 2 presents the first of three mountainous challenges. The finish in the Vallter ski resort appears after a 11 kilometres climb with an average gradient of 7.6%. But since the run-up is predominantly flat, the elevation gain of the race is limited to 2,587 metres, which is not a lot for an mountain stage.

The 3rd stage also transports the riders into the high mountains, but on a much tougher route. Following two huge intermediate climbs the finish is situated in Port Ainéa, a ski resort at an elevation of almost 2,000 meters. The climb to the line adds up to 18.5 kilometres, while the average gradient sits at 6.8%. There is almost 4,000 metres more of climbing to be done than in stage 2.

The 4th stage is expected to come down to a sprint finish in the streets of Lleida before stage 5 joins two places – Altafulla and Viladecans – that never before have made an appeareance in the Volta a Catalunya. It’s a hilly race with an elevation gain of over 2,300 metres and the last summit 30 kilometres before the finish line.

The 6th stage presents the third and last mountainous test in the seven day stage-race. It’s also the hardest, featuring over 4,000 metres of climbing in 154 kilometres. The finish climb in the Sierra de Queralt is 6 kilometres long and averages 7.2%, while several double digit pitches spike the finale.

As always, the final stage revolves around Alto de Montjuïc in Barcelona. Six runs on the hilly 7.8 kilometres circuit usually make for an apotheosis that’s not to be missed.

Volta a Catalunya 2024: route, profiles, more

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