Ruta del Sol 2022 Route stage 1: Ubrique - Iznájar

Wednesday 16 February - The 1st stage of the Vuelta a Andalucía - or, Ruta del Sol - not only adds up to 201 kilometres, it also features five intermediate climbs. The last one is crested with 12 kilometres to go, while the route also ramps up to the line in the last 1.3 kilometres.

The riders clip into their pedals in Ubrique, a place 100 kilometres straight above Gibraltar. The riders go eastward for most of the day, crossing five passes in doing so. The last peak, Puerto de la Parrilla, is crested 12 kilometres before the line in Iznájar. But the climbing is not over, yet.

After coming down the Parrilla the route goes back up again in the last 1.3 kilometres. The first few hundred metres ar partcularly steep, while the gradients level out in the village of Iznájar.

Two years ago, Ruta del Sol served the same finale. Gonzalo Serrano attacked just before the flamme rouge and held off the chasers. Juan José Lobato and Dylan Teuns finished 2 seconds later, the rest of the peloton crossed the line another 2 seconds further behind.

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