Giro 2014 Route stage 11: Collecchio – Savona

Giro 2014 stage 11 SavonaWednesday, Mar 21 – Today’s stage is the second longest of the 2014 Giro travelling 249 kilometres from Collecchio to Savona. The route is paved with small hills and two mountains and the finish line comes after a 17 kilometre descent. It could be a day for a strong breakaway to make it to the end. (Slideshow route/profile)

Riders get under ways in Collecchio, a tiny village in the shadows of Parma. It is known for the Via Francigena, a pilgrim route which runs from Canterbury in England to Rome and passes through today’s departure point.

Upon leaving the village the bunch cycles to the south-west. In order to reach the Mediterranean, riders must crest the Passo Cento Croci. The climb starts easy but the last three kilometres have an average gradient over 7%.

After the twisting descent of the Passo Cento Croci some small hills navigated and the riders then reach the sea. From that point onward, the trail is almost flat for 70 kilometers. Upon reaching the finishing town of Savona, the riders turn right for a loop inland where they face the  Naso di Gatto, a 17 kilometre climb that only gets difficult in the last 5, which don’t drop under 6%.

From the top it’s still 28 kilometres back to the finish line in Savona. It’s a long descent until the last 4  kilometres through the town. The stage is made for a breakaway so expect a tough battle early on in the stage for the breakaway for form.

Look out for Stephan el Sharaawy is at the finish line today. The AC Milan striker hails from Savona.

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