Giro 2014: Stage 11 - 2 climbs, long descent in the finale

Giro 2014: stage 11 Collechio - SavonaStage 11 is the longest stage in the 2014 Giro. It contains 2 serious climbs, neatly divided over the route with one early on and the 2nd with just 28 kilometres to go. (Slideshow route/profile)

Leaving Collecchio the road ascends slightly for the first 52 kilometres. The real ascent to Passo Cento Croci (1,058 metres) begins at this point and is 14 kilometres long with a 4.5% gradient. Upon cresting it’s a long descent and then it’s flat until the final climb.

Riders then climb Naso di Gatto which summits 28 kilometres form the finish in Savona. It’s downhill to the finish.

The Naso di Gatto climb is 8 kilometres long with an average gradient of 7.5%.

Maybe a day for a breakaway?

Giro 2014 stage 11: Images and more

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