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World Championships 2020 MartignySunday 27 September - The road race at the Worlds in Martigny is tailor made for climbers. The route includes an elevation gain of 4,040 metres on a 249 kilometres route. A local circuit is ridden seven times, on all occasions featuring the Col de la Petite Forclaz, a 4 kilometres climb at 10.2%.

The Col de la Petite Forclaz begins in Martigny-Croix. Basically, it is the Col de la Forclaz – which is a 13 kilometres climb into France – without the last 9 kilometres. This way, only the steepest section remains. The route climbs to an elevation of 909 metres and soon after moving through Le Cergneux the riders fly back down into Martigny on a less steep road.

The Petite Forclaz is the centerpiece of a circuit around Martigny that the riders enter after more than 100 kilometres in the saddle. The lap is 19.4 kilometres long and takes in 458 vertical metres, while is tackled seven times.

The Col de la Petite Forclaz is a monster of a climb with its 4 kilometres at 10.2%. The first kilometre is a relatively easy at 8.8% before the ensuing kilometres go up at 10.8%, 10.5% and again 10.5%. The steepest ramp at 14.5% is situated mid-way up the ascent.

After cresting the Petite Forclaz the riders plunge down a 5 kilometres drop back into Martigny-Croix before a flat section of 8 kilometres returns to Martigny.

The road race at the Worlds in Switzerland start at 9.55 uur and the race is expected to finish around 16.35 – both are local times.

World Cycling Championships 2020 Martigny – road race: routes, profiles

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