Vuelta 2022: Carapaz wins last mountain stage, Evenepoel seals GC triumph

Richard Carapaz Vuelta - Vuelta 2022: Carapaz wins last mountain stage, Evenepoel seals GC triumphfoto: Cor VosRichard Carapaz seals the polka dot jersey and also wins the last mountain stage, while Remco Evenepoel is going to win La Vuelta. Enric Mas and Juan Ayuso round out the final podium. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 20th stage 2022 Vuelta

1. Richard Carapaz (ecu)
2. Thymen Arensman (nld) + 0.08
3. Juan Ayuso (spa) + 0.13
4. Jay Hindley (aus) s.t.
5. Enric Mas (spa) s.t.
6. Remco Evenepoel (bel) + 0.15
7. Louis Meintjes (rsa) s.t.
8. Miguel Ángel López (col) s.t.
9. João Almeida (por) + 0.17
10. Sergio Higuita (col) + 0.32

11. Ben O’Connor (aus) + 1.11
15. Rigoberto Uran (col) + 1.23
18. Carlos Rodriguez (spa) s.t.

GC after stage 20

1. Remco Evenepoel (bel)
2. Enric Mas (spa) + 2.05
3. Juan Ayuso (spa) + 5.08
4. Miguel Ángel López (col) + 5.56
5. João Almeida (por) + 7.16
6. Thymen Arensman (nld) + 7.56
7. Carlos Rodriguez (spa) + 7.57
8. Ben O’Connor (aus) + 10.30
9. Rigoberto Uran (col) + 11.04
10. Jai Hindley (aus) + 12.01

Race report
Still no break at km 10. Then seven riders set off. Robert Stannard, Simon Guglielmi, Clément Champoussin, Rubén Fernández, Xandro Meurisse, Daniel Navarro and Joan Bou quickly open a 3 minutes gap, but it goes down when Movistar starts pulling in the peloton.

The attackers enter the Puerto de Navacerrada 2 minutes ahead of the peloton. Attacks are flying behind them.

Soler rejoins the attackers just after the summit, while twenty riders – Carapaz, Mäder, Higuita, Mühlberger, De la Cruz, Herrada, Pinot, Meintjes, Carthy, Dennis, Gesink, Valverde, Nibali, among others – keep chasing. Soler and Stannard leave the other leaders behind inside the last 110 kilometres. Stannard reaches the summit of the Puerto de Navafría in first position, as he did on the first climb.

Pinot, Mäder and Mühlberger rejoin the two leaders with 70 kilometres remaining before the other attackers make it across on the Puerto de Canencia. KOM leader Carapaz is the second rider at the summit.

The GC riders are trailing 3 minutes behind the attackers on the Puerto de la Morcuera when Higuita and Meintjes strike. Carapaz tracks the two down.

Mas accelerates in the GC group some 4 kilometres under the top. Evenepoel sticks to his wheel. Arensman, Ayuso and O’Connor follow the move straight away, López and Almeida bridge across later. Meanwhile, Carapaz seals his KOM victory at the summit.

Higuita, Carapaz and Meintjes tackle the Puerto de Cotos 40 seconds ahead of the chase group. The GC group is 1.30 minutes in arrears.

Carapaz strikes early on the last climb. Higuita tracks him down. The King of the Mountain goes solo in last 500 metres of the climb.

Arensman goes after him inside the last 4 kilometres, but he comes too late. The Olympic Champion wins his third stage on this Vuelta, while Evenepoel finishes in sixth to secure La Roja. Mas and Ayuso round out the podium.

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Vuelta 2022 stage 20: routes, profiles, more

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Richard Carapaz

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