Vuelta 2021 Route stage 11: Antequera - Valdepeñas de Jáen

Vuelta a España 2021 stage 11Wednesday 25 August - At 131.6 kilometres, the 11th stage on La Vuelta is a relatively short test. It's a lumpy race with a brutal finale. Shortly after a 9 kilometers climb the finish lies at a Wall with gradients kicking up to 30%.

The race opens on the flat roads north of Antequera, only to enter more rugged terrain after 20 kilometres. The route goes either up or down for the rest of the day.

The first ramp appears when the riders leave the valley of the Genil river to climb to Benamji. It’s a steep but non-classified test. Which goes to show how trying the race is. The first climbs that does receive a classification is the Puerto de Lagunillas at kilometre 57.

Meanwhile, the riders penetrate the scorching interior of Andalucia and, obviously, the heat will add to the fatigue.

With roughly 20 kilometers to go the finale begins with the Alto Valdepeñas de Jaén, which is a steady climb of 8.5 kilometres at 4.8%. The riders reach the summit with 8 kilometres to go before a fast descent on a straight road takes them down into Valdepeñas de Jáen.

The last kilometre in the village is nothing short of insane with ramps reaching 30%. La Vuelta included the finish climb three times before and Antón (2010), Joaquim Rodríguez (2011) and Daniel Moreno (2013) turned out on top.

The 11th stage of La Vuelta starts 13.57 and the race is expected to finish around 17.30 – both are local times.

Vuelta a España 2021 stage 11: profile & more

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