Vuelta 2020 Route stage 16: Salamanca - Ciudad Rodrigo

Vuelta a España stage 16Friday 6 November - At 162 kilometres, the 16th stage of La Vuelta travels from Salamanca to Ciudad Rodrigo. A demanding route with most elevation in the middle section is likely to favour attackers.

The first part of the race is nothing special. On rolling roads the riders head in southeasterly direction. After 45 kilometres the route descends before continuing in undulating fashion to the most trying section of the day with two climbs in 50 kilometres.

After 75 kilometres the route begins to runs false flat uphill into the Sierra de Francia. Gradually it gets steeper until the riders enter the Alto El Portillo. This is a 6.7 kilometres climb at 4%.

A descent of almost 15 kilometres takes the riders down to Las Mestas in the Extremadura. The road goes back up again, although the first 14 kilometres only as a false flat. But after moving through Riomalo de Arriba the Alto El Robledo begins. This is 5 kilometres ascent with an average gradient of 7%.

The riders crest the Robledo to descend back into Castile and León. A few uphills pep up the route before a 10 kilometres downhill leads onto a flat run-in of 5 kilometres to the line.

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