Vuelta 2014 Route stage 2: Algeciras – San Fernando

Vuelta 2014 stage 2Sunday, Augustus 24 – It takes the bunch 174.4 kilometers to head from Algeciras to San Fernando. Stage 2 of the 2014 Vuelta is sprinter material.

Tarifa is the most southern Spanish city of the peninsula and today’s arrival town lies slightly to the north of it. Algeciras is populated by 100.000 and was founded as Al Jazira-Al Hadra (the green peninsula), back in the days when the Mores were in control of the area.

The arrival town is extremely popular in nearly all Spanish-speaking countries – that is, the name of the town is. Only count the Philippes and it adds up to seven places called San Fernando. The town today’s winner will be crowned is – not surprisingly in Spain, in the province of Cádiz. It’s located on the shores of a bay and on the coast.

The stage contains only one small categorized climb directly after the start, otherwise the stage is flat. Could be the wind will want to have a say in the final, apart from that the decor is a sprinter’s dream.

The stage begins at 13:25 (CET) and the finish is expected around 17:40.

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  • Finca Higueron says:

    Yes, after the start It is a pretty flat stage, but the scenary along the Atlantic coast is quite spectacular. If you arn’t a pro, it is a great area for both road and mountain bikes.
    There is a posibility of a Levante wind on Sunday, which will make it a very esy ride.

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