Tour of California 2018 Route stage 4: ITT in San Jose/Morgan Hill

Tour of California 2018 stage 4Wednesday, 16 May 2018 - The fourth day of action at the Tour of California brings an individual time trial. At a distance of 34.7 kilometres, the route runs predominantly on false flat with some uphill kicks.

With over 1 million people, San Jose is the third most populous city of California. It is one of the most affluent places on earth. Located at the heart of Silicon Valley, it has been nicknamed Capital of Silicon Valley.

The ITT is played out just south of the city, in Morgan Hill. Of the start ramp the riders head slightly uphill. After an immediate right turn, they are under the watchful gaze of El Toro hill looming ahead. The iconic landmark is not to be climbed though, the route turns left and continues to climb gradually into the foothills. Past Chesbro Reservoir, the peloton rapidly approaches the highest point of the stage at the halfway mark. This also serves as the intermediate time check.

Two short precipitous descents in rapid succession lead to the final 12 kilometres of false flat.

The 4th stage of the 2018 Tour of California starts at 12:45 and the arrival of the last rider is expected around 15:45 – both local times.

Tour of California 2018 stage 4: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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